How to Play Play Pokémon Go in Landscape Mode on an iPhone

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Pokémon Go might be typically played in vertical or portrait mode on your phone. But you can actually be play it in landscape mode as well.

Now, if you had zero idea that was even possible, welcome to the club. There’s no “official” option to do this in the app itself, and perhaps there never will be an official update that brings the feature to the game. But there is a quick and simple way for you to make it happen if you’re sick of holding your phone vertically and want to rest your poor, cramping hand for a little while. 

This method has been tested by quite a few players. It doesn’t take much of your time to figure out and can be split into a few simple steps. As an aside, yours truly has tested this method and it worked prior with no hiccups. You just need to make sure you follow the process. 

First, open up Pokémon Go regularly as if you’re about to play as usual. Then, turn your phone sideways. Make sure you don’t have your rotation lock option on, because the phone won’t turn and will remain in vertical mode. Look for the Poké Ball icon and tap it to enter the menu. Look for “Settings,” the icon in the top left corner. Look through this set of options for one called “Report High-Priority Issue,” and select it. Tap “Yes” to the question “Do you want to leave the game and go to the support website?” and you’ll be good to go.  

Once you’ve done this, your phone should automatically load your Safari browser or the browser you’ve chosen as default for your phone. Press your “Home” button, and then go back to load Pokémon Go again via the icon on your home screen. You should have successfully loaded up the app in landscape mode now. 

It’s unclear how long this bug may be available for players to use since it’s not an actual part of the game, but as long as it’s up and running, may as well use it, especially if playing while the phone is resting horizontally makes things easier for you. Happy hunting!