How to Use Trains in GTA V to Launch Vehicles, Full Tutorial Inside

GTA V Screen

Here is an awesome Grand Theft Auto V tutorial which allows players to launch any vehicle, at a wide variety of locations in the game world, using the trains that continuously travel across the map.


Launches are a bit random, but the method itself is quite consistent and allows for some awesome results. Check out the video guide footage as well as text tutorial below, it includes a full guide as well as some examples of this launching method.

How to Use Trains in GTA V to Launch Vehicles: Text Tutorial

Step 1:

  • Go to any location with an active railway (must have an active Train)

Step 2:

  • Grab a vehicle you want to launch.

Step 3:

  • Drive on the Tracks (in the direction the Train follows)

Step 4:

  • Find an immovable object near the tracks. (Can be any object that isn’t broken by driving into)

Step 5:

  • Park your vehicle AGAINST this object, with the other end of the vehicle overlapping the tracks.

Once the train comes, if you are positioned correctly, it should push your vehicle into the object, then force it upwards, resulting in a launch.

Few Important Points to NOTE:

  • Trains will respawn on a 2 minute cycle; as long as you’re not moving a train will arrive every 2 minutes. If you are moving however, this will affect when and where it spawns.
  • Smaller vehicles need more specific locations, so larger vehicles are preferred for convenience alone.
  • Your height and trajectory can/will be affected by the angle of your vehicle. Try changing up how much you’re overlapping onto the tracks for different results.

How to Use Train in GTA V to Launch Vehicle Video Tutorial