How to water your friend’s garden in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new gardening feature allows campers to visit their friends’ new gardens.

And they’re not only there to look at. You can actually help our at your friends’ gardens but watering their plants—but the option is not always available. To get to your friend’s garden, tap their name on your friend list and choose Visit Friend. If the friend has a garden, you’ll be able to click on the Garden option.

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After traveling to their garden, take a quick look around. Are there any plots that are a lighter shade of brown than normal? Clicking on those plots will bring up a menu with an option called Water. Click Water to water your friend’s flowers.

You can also use your friends’ gardens as a way to earn more seeds for your own garden. By clicking on flowers that have blossomed, you’ll have the option to cross-pollinate. But to cross-pollinate, you’ve got to have a harvested flower in your items. You’ll lose the harvested flower when you cross-pollinate, but you’ll get a new set of seeds in return.

Harvesting your friends’ flowers isn’t an option—after all, that’d be stealing. But it is a nice little bonus that you can nab new seeds from cross-pollinating with friends’ flowers.