How To Xbox Party Chat On Your Phone


Microsoft has just released an app for iOS and Android devices which will allow you to join the Xbox party chat. This is a good news for those players out there who do not have a proper mic or a compatible headphone for the Xbox One. The app is called as “XBOX BETA“, and it is currently available for download on PlayStore and iOS Store.

Xbox Party Chat Via Phone Now Available

Not only that, the app will allow players to chat between platforms, i.e. cross-platform chat between iOS, Android, PC and Xbox players. However, this feature will only be possible for those games which are available on all the above-mentioned platforms and support cross-platform play.

In addition to that, the mobile phone app will also be useful as a standalone audio/text chat option if you are using external speakers for the game’s audio. Plus, you will be able to communicate with players in the Party chat even though you are away from your Xbox.

Though the app is still in beta phase, it sure seems promising and will open up several possibilities for keeping in touch while gaming with your buddies. Download the Xbox BETA App right now from PlayStore. If you are an iOS user then go to App Store and download the app.