Xbox One 8GB DDR3 RAM: 3 GB Reserved for OS and 5 GB for Games

The PlayStation 4 will ship with a massive 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is a huge upgrade compared to the current generation consoles. However, according to a PlayStation 4 developer PS4Daily spoke to, they have access to only 7 GB of RAM. The remaining 1 GB is reserved for the operating system and background tasks.

Xbox One

Microsoft upcoming next-gen Xbox console, Xbox One features 8GB DDR3 RAM. Now some fresh details has arrived stating that out of Xbox One’s 8GB RAM, 5GB is reserved for games and 3GB for OS and other background task.

GameInformer had a Xbox Hardware Evolution Chart. Here is what we have discovered from it.

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Here is why Microsoft reserved this large chunk of RAM memory for OS only: At Xbox One reveal event Microsoft showed lot of instant multitasking for Xbox One and so in order to for all that to take place OS needs substantial amount of RAM memory to keep all of these things ready while also playing a game.

This means that PS4 will have a massive edge over Xbox One with respect to size of RAM available to each manufacturer for developing games. When PS4 was announced back in February 2013, it was revealed that out of its 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM, 1 GB is reserved for OS and background tasks and 7 GB is reaserved for games.