New GTA V Screen Revealed via Red Dead Redemption: GOTY Edition? (Updated)

GTA Forums user has posted brand new GTA V screenshot which he found inside a new copy of “Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year” Edition for Xbox 360. The screenshot scene is very similar bank robbery sequence to the one we saw in GTA V trailer #1. The only difference is that screenshot shows the scene from a different angle.

Here is what NeoGaf user wrote of GTA Forums:

“This was inside a new copy of “red dead redemption Game of the year” edition for Xbox. I just opened it today and there was a GTA 5 paper.

This is similiar to what we saw in the trailer, but this is from a different angle and more recent I suppose. For the know it all trolls on here who dont believe me the link to the first trailer is below.”

You can check out the screenshot as well as GTA V Trailer #1 below.

GTA V Bank Robbery Sequence Screen

UPDATE: For people who are calling the image below as FAKE. Apparently, this GTA V pre-order promo card has been found in newly shipped Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year editions.

Source: GTA Forums