List of All Xbox One Launch Issues “Freeze, Disc Rejecting And More” Along With Fixes: Updated


Xbox One has finally arrived on retail shelves in 13 countries, but as expected it wasn’t a smooth launch and gamers across the globe reported numerous issues such as freezing, brick, crash and many more with their consoles.

Xbox One

So we decided to make a list of all known Xbox One launch issues along with tips to fix it. So without much ado take a look at the details below.

Disc Drive Not Reading/Rejecting Disc: This is the most common and widespread issue. To avoid this issue we advice Xbox One owners not to put Xbox One Vertically, place it Horizontally only.

Freeze At Load Screen: Many users reported freeze issue after updating Xbox One with Day One patch. The console completely freezes at Xbox logo. If you are experiencing this issue we advise readers Do Not TURN OFF console while its on freeze and wait for sometime and let console resolve itself.

BAN After Updating Xbox One Offline Via USB: We don’t have any official confirmation but expect that this BAN is temporary and will be lifted by Microsoft soon. So just keep patience.

Slow Installations: If you are having slow disc based installation, do NOT remove disc from console without stopping the install. after stopping the install remove the disc and and completely unplug the console and wait 15 minutes before trying again.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Don’t Install Two Things At Once, it definitely going to slow down your progress.
  • Gamers have also encounter issues with Kinect that comes bundle with Xbox One. Users have reported issues related to defective sensors and voice command not working properly. In this scenario we advice you guys to contact Xbox One Tech Support.
  • Don’t place Xbox One is place where there is no room for ventilation. Search for a open place in your room. We also advice you guys not to cover venti with anythings including Kinect 2.

Let us know in the comment section below, what issue you guys are facing with Xbox One?.


Xbox One Green Screen of Death Issue has been reported by gamers on official Xbox Support forums. Xbox One boots till initial green screen and completely freezes, read details HERE.

Xbox One Controller Not Responding: After Turning Xbox One ON in Intial Setup TURN THE CONSOLE OFF AND ON- THEN IT is fixed

Cross Game Party System is Defaulted as OFF, You have to “Turn ON Party Chat” before joining. How you can do this is shown in below footage:

Error Code 0x80bd0009: Follow the step listed below to fix this error code on Xbox One.

Press Menu Button -> Settings -> Display And Sound, make sure HDTV is “Select” and not on “AUTO” option. This relaunched display in 480p and is easily changeable to 1080p. However, the main thing is that this RESET audio output options.

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