Xbox One “Green Screen of Death” Issue Reported, Xbox One Freezes At “Initial Green Logo Screen”


The latest addition to Xbox One launch issue is a nasty one, “Xbox One Green Screen of Death”. Gamers on official Xbox Support forums are reporting Green Screen of Death on Xbox One.

Xbox One Green Screen of Death

As per the details listed by gamers on official Xbox forums, Xbox One won’t boot past initial green logo screen. User SKID 212 stated that his/her Xbox One freeze on green boot up screen for 5 hours time period.

Few gamers managed to fix this issue by unplugging their Xbox one and letting the power brick completely shut down, or by tinkering with the HDMI cord.

Take a look at the footage below showcasing Xbox One Green Screen of Death Issue:

Microsoft has not yet replied to this thread on official Xbox forums. We have created a list of all known Xbox One launch issues along with available fixes, you can check it out HERE.

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