First Thief Review Score Out, 90/100, “Stealth, Fluid Control, Esthetics Design” And More


The first review score of Square Enix and Eidos Montreal upcoming next-gen title, Thief has arrived all thanks to Spanish Magazine “PlayMania”. The publication has awarded Thief an excellent review score of 90/100.


PlayMania praised Thief for “Stealth, Fluid Control with lots of Possibilities, esthetics design and sound”. Here is the breakdown of Thief review score from PlayMania: “Graphic: 88, Sound: 90, Diversion: 92, Duration: 86, OVERALL: 90 out of 100”

Things PlayMania didn’t like about Thief weres: “sometimes the AI ??seems blind, the rhythm fall short in the last third part of the game and Load Times”.

You can check out the cover page of PlayMania below.

Thief Review Score From Spanish Magazine PlayMania

Thief really looks stunning. You 17 minutes of pure immersive THIEF gameplay just shared by the developer showing Lockdown Mission Playthrough.