New Project Cars screenshots and footage released, looks stunning and truly next-gen graphics/visuals

Slightly Mad Studios has just released some brand new screenshots and gameplay footage of Project Cars, to celebrate the launch of game’s official website. Project Cars is getting better and better with each passing day and these new screens and footage are a good proof.

Project Cars PS4 Screenshot

Project Cars is powered by Slightly Mad Studios’ proprietary MADNESS game engine. The developer says that it has been built specifically for next-generation consoles and is scalable to a wide variety of modern PC specifications.

Project Cars is scheduled to launch in November 2014, the exact release date is not yet announced. It will launch on Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Steam OS.

The upcoming Virtual Reality Headset, Project Morpheus from Sony will be supported by Project Cars.

“Virtual reality is a perfect fit for racing games since the game world literally comes rushing towards you from the distance and the increased sense of depth and speed that stereoscopic vision affords you makes this incredibly real and tangible. So when you’re racing you get a much better perception of distances and position and you feel far more enveloped by that world rather than just looking through a window at it.” said Slightly Mad Studios.

Project C.A.R.S. represents the definitive racing simulation, with a Franchise Mode that allows you to carve out a personalized career starting in the Karting world and then progressing on to whichever motorsport specialization you prefer including Rally, Touring Cars, Open-Wheel, GT, Le Mans, and much more!

Players can get in at every role in professional racing — play Co-Op with a friend as Driver/Co-Driver, and create and manage a full team to compete against friends and challengers. User-generated content lets you take advantage of the advanced graphics and physics model to design your car exactly as you want.

Project Cars Screenshot 1 Project Cars Screenshot 2 Project Cars Screenshot 3 Project Cars Screenshot 4 Project Cars Screenshot 5 Project Cars Screenshot 6 Project Cars Screenshot 7 Project Cars Screenshot 8 Project Cars Screenshot 9 Project Cars Screenshot 10 Project Cars Screenshot 11