Microsoft demonstrates compelling example of Cloud Powe via, comparison footage, Xbox One future is bright?

Microsoft showcased something pretty special at Build, “power of the cloud” and how it could help gaming industry. The firm showcased a demo of building destruction with over 35000 physically simulated pieces falling apart. The best part of this demo, it was showcased running parallel on high-end PC and on the cloud.

Xbox One Cloud

PC version saw a massive frame rate drop to TWO percent, whereas the cloud version was running at a stable FPS at 32 FPS. You can watch the footage below.

At the time of Build presentation, Microsoft’s John Shewchuk said: “What we really think is that the power of the cloud enables new kinds of experiences that have never been possible. Even if we had multiple high-end machines, they couldn’t do the kind of bandwidth that we’re doing.”

“What’s happening is the computation are going on in the cloud, we’re sending those rotations and the positional information down to the clients where the rendering is getting done.”

What you guys think about this new demo showcasing power of cloud? in my opinion it looks extremely promising. Share your thoughts on this with us in the comment section below.