Microsoft announce Grave for Xbox One under [email protected] programme, survival horror with day/night procedural environment

Broken Window Studios has just announced that their upcoming first person survival horror game, Grave will arrive on Xbox One as well via [email protected] programme, previously the game was only announced for PC with Oculus Rift support.


Grave put players into the pretty interesting setting, it has a frequent day and night cycle, each last for just five minutes. When it’s day cycle, the environment includes house, mountains and other things like that, and the moment it changes to night cycle, the environment gets populated with monsters and other deadly creatures.

Broken Window says: “Grave is two things. First, it is a surrealist interpretation of a procedural environment. We wanted the strange and unnatural elements of Dali-style art to come through in not just our aesthetic, but also the gameplay. That’s why night in Grave doesn’t just bring frightening creatures, it changes the landscape.

“We have been experimenting with ways to do this procedurally and dynamically throughout play, and it’s ramping up into a really exciting experience that we feel is quite unique to the world of Grave. A lot of games use procedural level content; it’s far less common to have those changes occur dynamically.

“The other thing we now know is that Grave is going to serve as an homage and re-imagining of classic survival horror. We want to bring the confrontation, survival and item usage back to horror with a modern twist, so these items don’t empower the player too much but still provide them with influence and agency, something a lot of newer horror games don’t often offer.”

You can watch the trailer of Grave below.