Xbox One Dashboard: 16 secs teaser video appears, features Rats Cherry Street, Viral Marketing or New Game Announcement?

Is Microsoft teasing an incoming Xbox One related announcement via rats? just a few minutes ago, a mysterious 16 seconds teaser video appeared on Xbox One dashboard featured section and guess what it shows “ton of rats on a street with a sign Cherry Street and guys running in the background”.

GTA V For PS4 Xbox One

According to reports coming out from NeoGaf and Reddit users, this teaser is for TV series “The Strain”, because a similar video featuring rats was used to advertise the show during The Walking Dead.

At present, there’s no information in regards to what this clip is about and what exactly its purpose is. I can only predict that it might be a teaser for an upcoming announcement from Microsoft for Xbox One or any other viral marketing campaign.

You can take a look at the teaser clip below, the video quality is bit crappy but good enough to raise excitment level of Xbox community.