Watch Dogs: PS4 vs PC version differences revealed, new gameplay details on mini-game, weather, free roam and more

Watch Dogs

After taking few days break, Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin is back on Twitter and just recently revealed some interesting new details regarding their upcoming open world hacking title, Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs

Morin talked about the difference between PlayStation 4 and PC version of Watch Dogs, free roaming, weather and many other aspects of the game. Morin first clarified that the only difference between PlayStation 4 and PC version Watch Dogs is FX mention in Nvidia footage and resolution.

“The only differences are the FX mentioned in the NVIDIA video & resolution.” tweeted Morin.

Watch Dogs Nvidia Tech trailer below:

About free roam in Watch Dogs, Morin confirmed the following things:

“Free roaming online spans the entire map, and not to only small part of Chicago.”

“You can both leave your free roam session open to whoever want to enter, or invite only friends.”

“To enter free roam you open the map, switch to the grid and send the request. Then you can keep playing while it’s processed.”

About the weather, Morin confirmed that “By going to sleep in a hideout you can choose the time of day, but you cannot select the weather.”

He also stated that mini games such as poker, chess, drinking games and other won’t support multiplayer. “No we don’t support MP for these mini-games” tweeted Morin.

Morin also answered to a query, how cops will react if lead character Aiden don’t fight against them? he replied: “They will arrest you if you are at heat lv 0 and you show no threat or fleeing intent. Else they will be more hostile.”

Watch Dogs launch is just a month away and if you want to know some details about the game head straight to Twitter and asked Morin. Watch Dogs will launch on May 27 for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360. Wii U version is not yet dated.