The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4 still coming in Summer 2014 clarifies Naughty Dog, says “Dec 2014 is placeholder”

The Last of Us: Remastered Review Screenshot

Yesterday, Naughty Dog released brand new trailer for The Last of Us showcasing the contents that are coming with the final DLC called as Grounded. The footage showcased “Four new multiplayer maps, eight new MP survival skills, four new MP weapons, and the new, single player, Grounded Mode difficulty”.

The Last of Us: Remastered

Today via official PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Arne Meyer shared some more information of The Last of Us: Grounded DLC, the release date of The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4.

Arne Meyer first explained that the new difficulty mode “Grounded” is “Step Beyond” even the Survivor mode.

“Grounded Mode is an advanced difficulty mode for the single-player content. Imagine a step beyond even Survivor Mode.” wrote Meyer.

The Last of Us Survivor mode, which disabled Joel to use the “Listen mode”, was the hardest difficulty mode for The Last of Us. A game has to totally depend on his own instincts when the button prompts disappeared while sneaking behind an enemy or while using QTE, also the ammunition would hardly be sufficient to take down the enemies who would result in high levels of damage to take down.

In addition to this, Arne Meyer also assured fans that they will be keeping a constant watch on latest DLC and tweaks so that multiplayer portion of The Last of Us didn’t go the route of “Run and Gun” mode.

Meyer assured:

“We’ll keep an eye on things and make adjustments if it doesn’t turn out balanced like we want or planned for it to be.” This means Naughty Dog is keeping an eye on the latest DLC and tweaks too.”

Lastly, Meyer promised that The Last of Us: Remastered for PPlayStation4 is still on track for its Summer 2014 release and added that most release date listed by retailers are just a placeholders.

It’s still Summer 2014. Dec is a common placeholder date and if we picked any other date that wasn’t obviously placeholder – people would think that is the actual date or OMG it’s delayed.

So there you have it folks, straight from the lion’s mouth details of much awaited The Last of Us: Grounded DLC and release date update of The Last of Us: Remastered.

Watch brand new trailer of The Last of Us: Grounded DLC below. How many of you are going to buy it today? Tell us in the comment section below.