The Last of Us multiplayer PS4 vs PS3 differences: “Maps on disc, Higher resolution, target 60 FPS, graphics looks good”

Erin Daly, Lead Multiplayer Designer, and Quentin Cobb, Game Designer for Naughty Dog just held an AMA session of Reddit on “The Last of Us Multiplayer”, and we have some interesting details from this AMA session for those who are looking forward to playing The Last of Us: Remastered on PlayStation 4.

The Last of Us: Remastered

Erin first confirmed that Playstation Plus subscription is needed to play The Last of Us multiplayer on PlayStation 4. When asked: Will you need PS+ to play The Last Of Us multiplayer on PS4.? Erin replied: “YES”

When asked how was working on TLoU multiplayer compared to Uncharted and what are the biggest differences between working on the two? Erin replied:

“It was extremely different – Uncharted is a very fast-paced MP game with lots of twitchy gameplay, which is great in its own right, but for TLOU our challenge was to capture the tone and gameplay from SP. This meant a huge focus on slowing the pace of the game down (we even added limited sprint, which was not in SP), and on making stealth a viable play style through map design, mechanics like silenced weapons, the smoke bomb/shiv, and survival skills like covert training.”

Erin also explained the difference between The Last of Us multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3:

“All the maps are included on the disc, Visually the game looks better – higher resolution, and we’re targeting 60fps, Load times are much faster, Playing MP with the Dualshock 4 controller feels great”

The Last of Us Multiplayer AMA

Furthermore, Erin confirmed that PS4 version of The Last of Us multiplayer will have a playlist that contains every map at some point as every map will be included on the disc.

“On the PS3, with our current matchmaking tech this would split up the player base further (it would be treated as a separate player pool, and players would only matchmake with other players in that pool), so it wouldn’t be a benefit for the PS3 version.”

Last but not the least, Erin revealed the number of players per match in The Last of Us multiplayer will be the same.

He explained:

“During the development of The Last of Us MP we experimented with more players and we felt it had a negative effect on the game – it made reviving less important, the pace was too fast, stealth was harder, etc.”

The Last of Us: Remastered on PlayStation 4 will launch in Summer 2014. Exact release date is not yet revealed. Watch the teaser trailer below.