CryEngine powered Jurassic Park: Aftermath gets new screens, show deadly Dinosaur, graphics/visuals on par with PS4/Xbox One


Jurassic Park: Aftermath, a fan-made project powered by Crytek’s CryEngine 3 has just received two brand new in-game screenshots showcasing the deadly creature in action.

Jurassic Park: Aftermath

The game was initially planned as free open world FPS style but modder “Conceptcrash” changed his mind and now the project is planned as a tech demo showcasing how a dinosaur game will look like Crytek’s beautiful CryEngine.

The official blur of Jurassic Park: Aftermath reads: “Several weeks have passed since the events of Jurassic park and the Costa Rican government is making preparations to firebomb Isla Nublar,Ingen have hired you to enter the island complex and recover valuable data but upon arrival you discover rival company Biosyn have similar plans and something else has survived.”

Check out new screens as well as screens released before below along with the reveal trailer, and tell us in the comment section below what you guys think about graphics and visuals, is it on par with PS4/Xbox One?

Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 1 Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 2 Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 3 Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 5 Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 6 Jurassic Park: Aftermath Screen 7