Watch Dogs PS3 Build Leaked on Torrent Sites, Size 13.93 GB, Awesome Looking Launch Trailer Released

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s most awaited and highly anticipated brand new IP of 2014, Watch Dogs has been leaked on numerous torrent sites. As per details we received from our readers (cross-checked and confirmed by me) PlayStation 3 version of Watch Dogs is a leak, the size of the torrent is 13.93 GB.

Watch Dogs

This was expected after Brazilian and other broke Watch Dogs street date and started selling retail copies early. We won’t be sharing any torrent link here as we do not endorse PIRACY in any way.

Request From EDITOR for Readers: Please support Ubisoft in this tough time and buy only legit copies of Watch Dogs. The game has been in development at Ubisoft for Five years, so you can just imagine how much efforts development have put into the game.

Watch Dogs is officially scheduled to launch on May 27 for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Wii U version is not yet dated. Just a few minutes ago, Ubisoft shared with us an amazing looking launch trailer of Watch Dogs. You can check it out below.