PS4: Handy Little Tip To Eliminate Tedious Switching Between Multiple HDMI Sources: Updated


A nice little Playstation 4 tip has been discovered by Reddit user Earn1188 and its related to multiple HDMI source, Playstation 4 and eliminating the tedious procedure of switching between them.

PS4 Tip For Switching HDMI Sources

Here is the discovery of Earn1188: “if using HDMI-CEC enabled and you change your tv source to something else while the ps4 is on, you can hit the ps button to automatically switch back to the hdmi source your ps4 is on.”

He further explained: “I have my laptop connected to my TV and switch back and forth a lot between it and my PS4, which results in tedious switching between hdmi source 1 and 2.”

“If your TV has HDMI-CEC, and you enable it, you can control your ps4 with your tv remote and such, what I did not know, is that if you are say, like me, on another hdmi source, like a laptop, and want to immediately switch to your ps4, you just hit the ps button and it automatically changes it to the ps4 screen.”

This method saves few seconds of button pushing, but Please NOTE: All TVs does not have HDMI-CEC available. Other benefits of this handy little feature is:

  • Turning your TV off puts the PS4 in standby.
  • Allows your ps4 to Turn On your TV while the TV is OFF

Try out this handy little feature and let us know in the comment section below what you guys think about it.

UPDATED: Whether or not your device support HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC Standard is one of the way to control two more more devices with HDMI connector with one remote control. Now here are ways to find out whether or not the device is HDMI-CEC capable or not.

There are different trade names for HDMI CEC, depending on who is the manufacturer of your device, so it doesn’t have to be stated as HDMI-CEC. Find your manufacturer on this list and see how is it called for your device:

  • Samsung – Anynet+
  • Sony – BRAVIA Link or BRAVIA Sync
  • Sharp – Aquos Link
  • Hitachi – HDMI-CEC
  • AOC – E-link
  • Pioneer – Kuro Link
  • Toshiba – Regza Link or CE-Link
  • Onkyo – RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI)
  • LG – SimpLink
  • Panasonic – VIERA Link or HDAVI Control or EZ-Sync
  • Philips – EasyLink
  • Mitsubishi – NetCommand for HDMI
  • Runco International – RuncoLink