Quantic Dream unveils new KARA Engine, looks STUNNING

David Cage, Quantic Dream founder has finally revealed and demonstrated a brand new PS3 tech demo at GDC 2012. This new engine has been named “KARA” and it will power Quantic Dream’s next game.


You can watch the demo footage of KARA below, and mind you guys this demo footage is just a prototype and not taken from a game in development. Want to know from where the girl KARA takes real life inspiration. Some hard research work (by this SITE) has finally revealed that actress behind Kara’s existential awaking is “Valorie Curry”.

KARA and Valorie-Curry

She played the role of Charlotte in the hollywood blockbuster movie “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2”. Watch the footage below and let us know in the comment section what you guys think about this new PS3 tech.