Halo 4: Story and Final Battle details LEAKED?

It seems like Halo 4 Story and Final battle details has been leaked from Vidoc released at PAX Prime 2012. NeoGaf user “Slightly Live” noticed that at 3:55 mark, an entire page of Halo 4 script can be seen.

Halo 4

And guess what user “Slightly Live” has listed all the details, the Halo 4 script page carries. Be Warned MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD, Read at your own RISK.

“In that case, you won’t mind…” Cortana appears behind the Didact.

at all of the Cortanas emerging from the Bridge

“Compassion for mankind is misplaced.” – Didact

“I’m not doing this for mankind.” Chief then charges thet Didact.

rushes towards Didact and jumps all over him (legs, arms, chest, back)

Several takes of “Cortana” tackling and climbing on random objects at full speed.

Didact is attacked by Cortana. He attempts to swat at Cortana as a means of self defence.

Didact unclenches his fist and drops Chief.

Cortana begins restraining Didact by constraining his limbs to the Bridge.

-Several takes of “Cortana” climbing on “Didact” actor and then…

a specific body part (head, back, waist, knees, ebows, shoulders)

-Didact struggle idle.

Chief is released

-Chief immobilised pose

-Chief falls, lands on edge

-Chief hanging idle

The next page that can be seen in the video unveils snippet “telekinetically flips”. This confirms that Halo 4 character will have telekinetic powers. In addition, this also confirms that Halo 4 lead antagonist will be the Didact. Watch the video below.

Halo: The Thursday Novel is scheduled to arrive in October 2012, but thanks to “Search Inside” feature on Amazon, you guys can read the first 100 pages of the novel right now.

NeoGaf user Slightly Live has created list details as to what be said of Halo 4 Story with the information from the novel. Check out the details from the novel below.

  • When Master Chief awakes, the Forward Unto Dawn is boarded by a bunch of Covenant – they are looking for something, not the Chief.
  • The Covenant, a particularly religious remnant led by the Elites, have come in search of Requiem to find and look for a Forerunner weapon cache.
  • The Covenant also believe Requiem to be the place where a living god is being kept – they wish to find and wake him up to enlist his aid in fighting humanity.
  • The main antagonist is called Didact, an ancient Forerunner. He is the being the religious Covenant believe to be a living god.
  • Dr. Halsey, who made a cameo in Reach, makes an appearance as the Chief wants her help to find a solution to Cortana’s “problem”
  • Cortana is able to project multiple versions of herself at once – multiple Cortanas
  • A climatic battle involving the Chief, Didact and Cortana takes place
  • A character has or appears to have, elekinesis

Source: NeoGaf