Humble Bundle is Giving Away Homefront For a Limited Time


In 2011, FPS Homefront envisioned a world where the United States is overrun by a reunited Korea that wreaks havok on the country. These days, the series’ plot feels a little too relevant. But newcomers can decide for themselves if that’s the case, as Humble Bundle is offering the game for free for a limited time.

Over on the Humble Store, Homefront is part of Humble Bundle’s midweek giveaway deal. The title has no strings attached, nor do players need to subscribe to Humble Monthly to grab their free copy. Instead, there’s only two limitations: Homefront has Steam DRM, and the key is available for PC only. It’s also a timed deal, too. Players have until Saturday, Dec. 9 to redeem their copy with the store, otherwise Homefront will go back to $19.99 for the full version.

Homefront isn’t the first giveaway on the Humble Store, although it certainly isn’t the best around. The game received mixed reviews when it first came out, with reviewers arguing that the game’s campaign felt too short and unpolished. However, Homefront’s multiplayer has received praise from reviewers across publications, even though its servers have since shut down. But if you want to try Homefront out for yourself, grab the game by Dec. 9