Humble Bundle Gives Away Suda51’s Killer is Dead


Less than a week after Humble Bundle published its enormous Humble Care Package Bundle, the gaming distributor is also giving away a classic hit from Suda51. Killer is DeadNightmare Edition is free on the Humble Store for the next few days, giving players an opportunity to try out the game if they haven’t before.

In Killer is Dead, players star as Mondo Zappa, an executioner who kills criminals, assassins, and monsterous beings as he struggles with the evil darkness that runs rampant across the world. The hack-and-slash title quickly became a cult classic, thanks in part to Suda51’s thought-provoking writing, highly stylized aesthetic, and ridiculously fun gameplay.

Killer is Dead’s Nightmare Edition release brings a couple noteworthy features to the table, too. For one, the game includes Nightmare Mode, which enhances the game’s difficulty level by removing QTE executions. There’s also theater mode, which lets players rewatch cutscenes, as well as the “Smooth Operator Pack” that adds additional missions and items in-game.

As always, there’s a few exceptions to the Humble Bundle offering. The free key is only available for Steam, so console players won’t be able to pick up a free Killer is Dead copy through the Humble Store. Also, per usual, Killer is Dead is only available for free for a limited time. The deal ends by Saturday, meaning interested players have until the weekend to secure their copy.

Otherwise, Killer is Dead is available now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game was originally released on console in 2013 and PC in 2014.

H/T r/Games