Humble Store’s Indie Mega Week: Sales On Cuphead, A Hat in Time, Stardew Valley, and More


Christmas is approaching fast, and that means Humble Bundle is offering some killer sales on indie games before the 25th is here. The Humble Store’s Indie Mega Week features discounts on everything from Cuphead to Stardew Valley, and the deals last all week long.

The sale, which runs until Dec. 25 at 1pm ET according to PCGamer, has steep cuts on some of the hottest indie hits from both this year and the last few. Titles on discounts include No Man’s Sky, Slime Rancher, Squad, Undertale, and A Hat in Time, just to name a few. If you’re interested in picking a few titles up while the sale continues, here’s some of the best deals to keep in mind.

Alongside the Humble Store’s Indie Mega Week sale, indie horror title Layers of Fear and its soundtrack are both free for a limited time on the store. Otherwise, the deals end on Dec. 25.

In the meantime, several other holiday sales are already underway. Square Enix’s online store hosts discounts on everything from Hitman to Final Fantasy, and GOG’s Winter Sale features a loot box-style system where players can earn games ranging in $5.99 to $44.99 in value for paying just $3. Check back for more sales as the holiday season continues.

H/T PCGamer