Hunt for Britain’s best Nintendo gamer Begins October 16

You have been calling yourself the best at playing the Nintendo Games all around the United Kingdom or Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer for sometime now, Well than time has come to prove it and if you did both your hand will be full with lots of prizes.

Britains Beat Nintendo Gamer

Game and GameStation is holding a nation wide Britain’s Best Nintendo Gamer 2010 event which is sponsored by Nintendo where lots of prizes is to be won which includes:

  • Year’s Supply of First-Party Wii Titles
  • Nintendo Upcoming Handheld 3DS

All you need to do is head on to any of the GAME or GameStation outlet in the country and battle it out there in New Super Mario Bros Wii’s Coin Mode. Top Two players from each store will declared as winner. More to it is that later on there will a battle between top 16 for GoldenEye 007 Wii, winner of which will be announced at Golden Joystick Awards on October 29.

Qualifying will begin on 16th and 17th October. So start practising.