In Destiny Iron Banner, ‘Power Matters, but so does skill’: Community Manager

Destiny New Snap 2

From the moment Destiny Iron Banner Crucible, PvP event has gone live, it has become the matter of huge conflict for both the Guardians as well as Bungie. The Iron Banner is based on the concept where gear means everything.

Those who have played the Iron Banner Crucible have strong claims that gear or level difference is not at all taken into account. Infact all the hard earned legendary items farming seems to be of no use for the Iron Banner Crucible.


Checkout this video from a Guardian who is equipped with the most common gears and is playing at a very low Destiny level:

Bungie however remained tight lipped about the whole matter and Guardian complaints until recently when the community manager, DeeJ, addressed the issue, he will said that he will look into the Iron Banner balancing controversy in the weekly update, while adding “Power Matters, but so does skill.”

Expecting that now the coverup will be based on how strong a guardian are you to be able to play Iron Banner, irrespective of the gear or levels. Tell us in the comment section, what do you think will be Bungie’s clarification on the whole Iron Banner drama.