Indianapolis 500 Evolution for Xbox 360 Launched

Indianapolis 500 Evolution, a game title, for gamers who loves racing and speed has been launch. A game title based on a racing theme and in my opinion a gift for gamers who are a die hard fans of race and cars, Indianapolis Evolution 500, has been launch for Xbox 360 user by Zushi.

Lets have a look at what Indianapolis Evolution 500 has in store for gamers of Xbox 360, In Indianapolis 500 Evolution players will be designing and making their own Indy race car of 1960 that too according to their wish and requirement. The offering of Indianapolis Evolution 500 does not end here, gamers also gets a chance to compete with big guns in the racing world and against 32 of their friends at a time.

Indianapolis Evolution 500 feature all the escotic racing track in the world in which the gamers gets a chance to have a racing battle against their opposition.

So tighten your seat belt and get ready to zoom in your own designed race car against expert of racing and against your friend in Indianapolis 500 Evolution on Xbox 360.