Indie Dev: Nintendo Pushed Pretty Hard For Us To Come Out On Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is said to be a huge improvement in comparison with older Nintendo platforms, at least from a developer perspective. Many indie developers have been attracted by this improvement, and this is why in the next few months and years we’ll be playing many more independent titles on Switch in comparison with Wii U.

Nintendo Switch

Among the new stuff Nintendo implemented to make those devs’ job easier, we can find support to engines like Unity, which is the less expensive and demanding platform now available, and Unreal. Talking to Just Pause, Clever Endeavors CEO Richard Atlas described his studio’s relationship with the Japanese platform holder.

“The Switch has been an obvious choice for UCH (Ultimate Chicken Horse) since we started hearing rumors of it as the NX. Nintendo is traditionally quite closed about information and working with indies, but they’re doing a better job now and have pushed pretty hard for us to come out on Switch. Now that the information about the console is public, it’s easy to tell why the game is perfect for a party system like theirs,” he said.

On top of that, for their upcoming game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, they’re still looking into manners to support Joy-Con based local multiplayer, which is something they need to see supported by Unity engine’s tool itself before they can implement into the title.