Infamous 2 getting Collectors Edition treatment?

Sucker Punch planning to bring out infamous 2 Collector Edition?. If details coming out from Subway is to believed than Infamous 2 is all set to receive collectors edition treatment, but apart from saying “infamous 2 Collector Edition” Subway doesn’t reveal any details about what to expect from this special edition.

Infamous 2 Collector Edition listing

However we can give you the some interesting DLC details revealed by Subway for infamous 2, check them out below:

  • Exclusive Infamous 2 power enhancement – Exclusive superpower for Cole
  • Infamous 2 Mission Packs – Get (3) extra missions of game play in inFamous 2
  • Exclusive Infamous 2 Character Skin – A new outfit for Cole in inFamous 2
  • Infamous 2 Facebook Game Experience – Infamous 2 Facebook game experience can be used to purchase items within the game

Still no official confirmation, so stay tunned for more updates on this.