Infamous Developer Sucker Punch Working On New IP: Insider Shinobi

Working on brand new IPs is a huge risk these days, and not all the players in the video games industry can afford it. Look at Microsoft: they recently canceled Scalebound, after dropping Fable Legends, because they thought that it would not be good enough and would’ve cost much more, eventually, than it could have ever grossed.

Sucker Punch Working On New IP for PlayStation 4

With this being the bigger picture, it’s honestly a relief to see Sony’s not doing the same. On the contrary, the Japanese platform holder is taking advantage of its strong position on the market and gargantuan userbase in order to push on new content, and 2017 is going to be one of the biggest years in gaming lately because of PS4 exclusives.

Among all these contents, according to famed insider Shinobi602, we should be adding a new game from Sucker Punch, the developer of the inFamous series which is said to be working on a new intellectual property. It would be about time, as their latest game is 2014’s standalone expansion to inFamous: Second Son, First Light.

Considering their expertise in the field, Sucker Punch is possibly working on a new open world/sandbox game. Many thought it could be a new Spider-Man title, but eventually it ended up being made by Insomniac Games. So, what could it be? Maybe we’ll learn more at E3 2017…