Injustice 2 To Host Other Franchises’ Characters, Won’t Be Pay to Win

During a recent live stream, NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon has shared new details about Injustice 2’s roster and core mechanics. The fighting game is releasing on May 16 for PS4 and Xbox One and is set to be featuring – including both on disc and DLC characters – the biggest roster in a NetherRealm Studios title ever.

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Interestingly, Boon has confirmed the software house he leads will be looking into additional content including characters from other popular franchises, as he noted that those offered in Mortal Kombat X had lots of success and definitely wants to give this another chance in the future. More obscure characters are also going to be revealed in the months from now to the official release, even though specific names weren’t provided.

Moreover, NetherRealm Studios is investigating ways to prevent Injustice 2’s multiplayer to become pay to win. The multiplayer component is allowing players to customize their characters with specific abilities and perks, and the balance of this feature is set to be tested in the upcoming beta. Pieces of gear won’t be sold for money, though.