Insider: Mass Effect Andromeda Is A Lot Like Mass Effect 1, Kind Of The Game Bioware Always Wanted To Make


The full reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to take place at E3 2016, and according to the details shared by well-known industry insider Shinobi602, the game is definitely going to make its presence felt at the event. Speaking to our friend at MrMattyPlays (YouTube channel), Shinobi602 revealed that Mass Effect franchise fans should definitely look forward to the full reveal of Andromeda at E3 2016 as they are really going to like what Bioware will showcase about the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda

In addition to this, Shinobi602 also compared how close this new Mass Effect game is to the development team at Bioware. He also went on to compared it with the original game in the franchise by terming it as a “spiritual successor to Mass Effect 1”.

“You should definitely look forward to Mass Effect Andromeda on stage at E3. I think people are really going to like what they see…Yeah, it is [a lot like Mass Effect 1]. It would say Mass Effect 1 is their um…I would say it’s their spiritual successor to Mass Effect 1. It’s kind of the game they’ve always wanted to make,” Shinobi told HAM Radio via MrMattyPlays.

Sounds pretty interesting. Shinobi602 has a pretty good track record of leaking information before its official announcements and so we can’t ignore this new information about Mass Effect Andromeda at all.

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