Insider: New Zelda Game Is Coming To Both Wii U and NX, Choice Of Playing As Male or Female, Voice Acting

Well known Emily Rogers is back with some new sets of information related to Zelda Wii U, whether or not Nintendo NX version is in work, the lead protagonist, and many other things. In a series of tweets, Emily announced that Zelda is currently in development for both Wii U and Nintendo NX and it is up to the players to decide which version they need to buy.

Nintendo NX

Secondly, Emily revealed that the new Zelda game will offer players a chance to play either as male or female as the lead protagonist. Last but not the least, most of the characters in this new Zelda game are voiced, apart from the LINK.

“Rumor #1: Yes, Zelda is coming to both Wii U and NX. I confirmed it with a ton of people. You can choose which one to get. Or get both.

Rumor #2: I heard from multiple sources that you can choose between a male or female as your playable character in Zelda.

Rumor #3: There is voice acting for most of the characters…except Link.”

Like every other rumor, take the above mention information from Emily also with a grain of salt and wait till the official announcement is made.