Insider: “PS4 Firmware 1.7 biggest update ever created by Sony with respect to features and size”

Playstation 4 owners across the globe are eagerly awaiting the release of firmware 1.7.

Sony has already confirmed that its coming on April 30 and also revealed some of the features that will be included such as “DS4 Light Dimming, HDCP Off, Sharefactory Video editing, Twitch/Ustream Video archiving and many more” (you can read full details HERE).

Now today, well known industry insider Tidux via Twitter has shared some more details regarading Playstation 4 firmware 1.7. He tweeted that PS4 firmware 1.7 is the biggest update Sony has ever created with respect to features and size.

“1.7 is a major update, it’s the biggest that Sony has ever made. Features and size wise. #PS4 #Sony #GreatnessAwaits”

When asked whether its bigger than PS4 firmware 1.5 which added remote-play and other critical feature? Tidux replied:

“For Sure”.

For those who have doubt over credibility on Tidux, he accurately leaked details regarding Playstation 4 operating system and User Interface way before its official announcement from Sony, but we still advice readers to take it with grain of salt and consider it as rumor only.