Insider: PS4 Neo Priced At $399, Comes With 4K Blu-ray Drive, Devs Loving GPU Power


At E3 2016, Sony did not talk about PlayStation Neo and went ahead with their press conference only talking about games, games and games (most of them exclusives). On the other side, Microsoft officially announced their new Xbox console, codenamed “Xbox Scorpio” having some astonishing specs: “8 Cores, 6 TFlops, 320GB/s memory bandwidth, Backward and Foward compatible”, and the release window of Fall 2017. Not much is know yet about PlayStation Neo (according to the SOURCES we talked a few days ago, it will offer a performance of 5.5TF), but this status changed a bit today a well-known industry insider Tidux on Twitter shared some interesting new details on PlayStation Neo (including the all important PRICE).

PlayStation Neo

According to industry insider Tidux, PlayStation Neo design is really very smart and it is easy for developers to scale their games between PlayStation 4 and the NEO.

When asked by a user: Whether Neo has the capability to run 4K movies? Tidux replied: “Yes, NEO has 4K capabilities.”

Additionally, Tidux revealed that the developers community are really like the extra GPU boost and it will be up to them to make use of the extra power as they want. Last but not the least, Tidux confirmed that PlayStation Neo will come with a 4K Blu-Ray drive. PlayStation fans can take this as a confirmation that the developers will have the option to upscaled it to 4K resolution.

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