Insider Shinobi602 Hints Saints Row V Could Be IGN’s Big Reveal For June 7


E3 is all about big stuff, big announcements, big games, and it looks like something big is coming even before the event officially kicks off. According to IGN, an important AAA developer is releasing first information and details about its upcoming game tomorrow.

Saints Row V

The website will host this announcement tomorrow at 8am PST/11am EST as part of the popular preview program called IGN First. This new game is said to be coming from a “major developer”, which is working on an “AAA” title all over again.

Based on intel gathered by insider Shinobi602, it seems this title is possibly the next big Volition thing. The software house behind the Saints Row series could be announcing something new in the next few hours, although it isn’t clear whether this is a brand new game or another installment in the open world franchise.

We’ll surely take a look on the website and update you as soon as the announcement gets unleashed. In the meantime, let us know what you’d expect this to be in the comments below.