Insider: “The Order: 1886 Is 8-10 Hours Long, Linear, Narrative Is Super Strong, Gorgeous Visuals/Physics” & More

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is the first major PlayStation 4 exclusive release in 2015, and PlayStation fans are already waiting eagerly for its arrival. However, there are many fans who are raising questions on the length of gameplay that the game will offer, and whether it deserves a full “$60” price tag, considering the fact that it is a single-player campaign ONLY game. Today, well know industry insider, Shinobi602 shared some interesting update on gameplay length The Order: 1886 will offer, narrative, accusation of game being linear and many more things.

The Order: 1886

According to Shinobi602, The Order: 1886 will offer gameplay length of around “8-10” hours, and “10-12” if player decides to take their time exploring the world.

“8-10 hours, 10-12 if you like to take your time, take in the sights and a explore a bit. Difficulty will also change things around.” said Shinobi602.

He further clarified, what he exactly meant with the term “EXPLORE”:

“It is linear. I mean like checking every nook and cranny of a level. That’s how I play games like TLOU, Uncharted, etc…”

At the time of The Order: 1886’s announcement, Ready At Dawn shared some stunning looking artwork of the game featuring massive number of NPCs, Victorian Era London (we have posted a few for you below). When asked if there are moments in the game like the one showed in the artworks? Shinobi602 replied:

“‘Huge might be overstating it. There are some more open areas with larger numbers of NPCs… I don’t know the exact number, but from what I do know, there will be some scenes/areas similar to those seen in the artwork. I wouldn’t really expect hundreds on screen at once though.”

the-order-1886-artwork-with-npc-1.jpg the-order-1886-artwork-with-npc-2.jpg

Lastly, Shinobi602 provided information on the game’s narrative and exactly what the players can expect from The Order: 1886

“I haven’t played the game, just engaged in a lot of conversations and seen more than your fair share. I think reviewers will be hard on it based on how reviews are today. I think they’ll dock points for not “innovating enough” or having ‘standard third person gameplay” or some such. Of course I don’t agree with this line of thinking if it ends up how it reviews.

Based on what I know, the narrative is super strong. I’m not bringing the game down at all. If you’re looking for a linear, cinematic, solid third person shooter with a strong narrative, gorgeous visuals/physics and punchy, fun shooting in a badass alternate Victorian London setting, with a bit of horror elements thrown in, you’ll be happy.”

There you have it PlayStation folks, some bold and interesting information straight from the mouth of well known industry insider (who has proved himself reliable time and again). Tell us in the comment section below: Is 10-12 hours gameplay length TOO Short?