Insomniac Praises The Last of Us, says “Sunset Overdrive is the Opposite of The Last of Us”

Is there any comparison between PlayStation exclusive “The Last of Us” and upcoming Xbox One exclusive “Sunset Overdrive”? According to Insomniac Games’ Marcus Smith, Sunset Overdrive is “opposite of The Last of Us”.

Sunset Overdrive

In a recent interview to our friend at GameSpot, Marcus Smith praised The Last of Us and said: “it’s a great game,”

“There are games that have tried to eliminate the HUD – but a HUD is how you know a lot of information, so by removing it there’s that ambiguity. For us, we embrace that there’s a HUD and we call it out a lot of times and the player character will remind the player occasionally about things that are very gamey.

“It’s an open world game and we have fast travel. The player [character] will remind you every once in a while–‘That’s really far. Good thing there’s fast travel!’ If Joel broke character to remind the player to pick up health or something like that, it would be a terrible experience. But in our game, everything is on the table.”

Do you agree with the views of Marcus Smith? Tell us in the comment section below. Sunset Overdrive is scheduled to launch on October 28 in United States. It runs at 900p at 30fps.