Insomniac: Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Was Running In Real Time On PS4, Not The High-End PS4

Insomniac Games - Spider-Man Game For PS4

At E3 2016, Sony revealed the first look of a PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man Game which is currently in development at Insomniac Games. The developer showcased a stunning looking teaser trailer for the game featuring absolutely stunning graphics, web-swinging mechanics, and many other things.

Spider-Man PS4 Game

After the showing many PlayStation fans had a doubt about the platform Insomniac Games and Sony used to reveal/show the teaser trailer of the Spider-Man game: was it on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Neo? Insomniac Games has finally answered the query and put all rumor/report on it to rest.

According to Insomniac Games, Spider-Man debut trailer was running in REAL TIME and In-Game on PlayStation 4. For the showing, no high-end PlayStation 4 was used.

This new Spider-Man game from Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel, exists in its own universe i.e. it is not at all related to any Movie, TV Show or has any Comic tie in. In the game, Peter Parker is older and has been Spiderman for a while. According to Insomniac, best stories are told in the Spiderman universe when Spiderman’s world collides with Peter Parker’s world and they have been trying to hit this mark in the story. The want to tell a story about the man behind the mask.