Iron Banner and Prestige Raid Mode Coming to Destiny 2

Destiny 2

A fan favorite character and mode are returning to Destiny 2. That’s right, Guardians, Lord Saladin survived the attack on the Tower, since he resides in Felwinter. Iron Banner returns October 10th at 2am PDT and ends October 17th at 2am PDT. You and your Fireteam will battle it out in Control for all the honor and glory!

Iron Banner

Some things have changed a bit in the Iron Banner; let’s have a look at them. Just like regular Crucible game modes, two teams of four players will battle it out for control over the areas. Your power level will not dictate the outcome of the match, but your abilities will. Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with a special Iron Banner Engram.

You will find Lord Saladin in the Tower to begin your Iron Banner quest. Access the playlist through Quickplay modes and matchmaking. The important step is to make sure you’ve completed the Destiny 2 campaign, as it is the only way to reach the Tower. You will now earn Iron Banner Tokens when completing every match. If you win, you earn more Tokens. Daily and Season Milestones will also be tracked while competing.

Prestige Raid Difficulty

Iron Banner and Prestige Raid Mode Coming to Destiny 2
Prestige RaidBungie • Fair Use

If you’re not a fan of PVP and want more of a PVE-focused challenge, you’re in for quite the surprise. Starting after the weekly reset begins, you will be able to take on Calus in the Prestige Raid mode. While it looks like mechanical changes to the raid are minimal, the rewards for completing it will be even greater.

Make sure your Guardian is up to the task, and if you’re just under Power Level, we have you covered on how to make up for lost time. Which mode are looking forward to the most? Iron Banner or Prestige Raid mode?