Is Bethesda Working On Fallout 3 HD For PS4 And Xbox One?


Bethesda could be working on a high definition remaster of Fallout 3, according to a report coming from IGN Germany. Based on this report, the developer and publishing label has required the German authority to unban the game, which has been blocked from publication for 10 years over there starting from 2009.

Fallout 3 HD for PS4 and Xbox One

Contacted by the website, Bethesda has said they are going to detail the reasons of this request “in a couple of weeks”, meaning that, in case the request should prove successful, the publisher could launch a new version of the acclaimed action role playing game.

Fallout 3 HD would release at that point for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it must be noted that, at least for what matters Germany, the unban procedure is “a difficult and rarely-successful trial”, so our friends over there shouldn’t keep hold their breath upon this topic.

We’ll provide any update as soon as Bethesda issues official statements regarding Fallout 3 HD or whatever it is.