“It’s Not Easy To Satisfy Everyone” says PS4 Designer Tetsu Sumii


Someone has rightly said, its impossible to satisfy/keep happy everyone, Playstation 4 designer Tetsu Sumii shared this same view when it comes to Sony’s next-gen Playstation console.

PS4According to Tetsu Sumii, with Playstation 4 its not at all easy to keep everyone satisfy, however PS4 is off to a flying start in just short span of time.

Tetsu Sumii shared these views of him in a recent interview to French website JeuxVideo: “This is a starting point. So of course that means that we have many visions and ideas for the future”

He further added, “It’s not easy to satisfy everyone, but of course so far it’s a good start”

Indeed Playstation 4 is off to a great start, the day one sales figure of PS4 was over One Million Units, fastest selling console ever and also a Playstation record.

Now we just have to wait and watch from here on what new heights PS4 achieve. Any competitor out there to stop flying start of PS4?.