Japan gets a slick-looking set of Sylph Co. Poké Balls


Ever wish you could carry around your own Poké Ball in your pocket? You can, with some of the various Pokémon toys that have been released over the years. But none are as awesome as this collection of toys, which is currently scheduled for release in Japan only.

Bandai’s Pocket Monsters Ball Collection is getting even bigger with the addition of the Sylph Company edition, a collection of 10 shiny Poké Balls and one Master Ball, just in case you ever happen upon that one Pokémon that you just can’t allow to escape. 

Fans outside of Japan will miss out on this pretty amazing set of special Poké Balls, at least until there’s some sort of official announcement that they are coming westward.

The painted, finished balls come in a gorgeous case with the Silph Company logo as well, resembling the old-school Pokémon games as they appeared on the original Game Boy, specifically Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. It comes with a newsletter from the fictional Silph Company, 3 bags of mint “tablet” candy, 6 holder parts, and some other goodies as well. 

Premium Bandai is always bringing out a whole cavalcade of awesome toys based on favorite anime and video game properties, and it looks like it didn’t spare any expenses with this particular set. If you’re looking to do some hardcore Poké-cosplaying or role-playing, you might want to grab these balls.