Kill Strain Not Included In PS Plus July 2016 Free Games For PS4: Sony


In the wait for official news from Sony, rumors around the web have been striving for weeks in effort to discover which games are going to be a part of PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for the month of July. One of the most rumored games is Kill Strain, and today we have those rumors debunked right from the developers.

Kill Strain

The game, a competitive free to play title in the works at Sony’s San Diego studios, won’t even require an active PlayStation Plus subscription, despite releasing early for those who own one on July 19.

“The game is free to play without PS+, and online only PvP. It was just a good opportunity for the PS+ users to get that extra week,” community manager Zach Thomas said on US PlayStation Blog.

The game is an asymmetric multi-team, team-based shooter where two Human teams battle it out to destroy each other’s bases. Meanwhile, a neutral Mutant team wins if every Human player is turned into a Mutant or successfully destroys the Human’s base.