Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept DLC pack confirmed – Details revealed


Sony has confirmed that their FPS title Killzone: Shadow Fall will receive downloadable content next summer i.e Intercept DLC pack. This will be the second DLC included in the Season Pass.

Killzone: Shadow Fall, Intercept DLC

With Intercept DLC, Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a new online mode that allows four players to play co-op in which players will be part of an elite team known as Intelligence Squad Alpha where all have their own role:

  1. Assault, a specialist in close combat.
  2. mid-to-long range Marksman.
  3. Medical Support.
  4. Tactician Support.

As you can see, teamwork will be a pillar for the success of the missions. Also, aside from being able to compete in this exciting new way, we also get 4 extra maps in areas inspired by locations in the campaign.

The Intercept DLC Expansion Pack can be purchased in two different ways. First we have the Standard Edition, which requires the Killzone: Shadow Fall to be played and you have to be a part of the Season Pass. And secondly we have the Independent version, which will not require possession of the main game to be played, which is a perfect opportunity for those players who have not tried Killzone: Shadow Fall which is totally an addictive action game with powerful graphics that PlayStation 4 offers.