Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Runs at 960X1080p, Not in Native 1080p, Sony Lied But Why?

 Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Runs at 960X1080p, Not in Native 1080p, Sony Lied But Why?

Before the release of Killzone: Shadow Fall, Sony and Guerrilla Games announced that multiplayer portion of Killzone: Shadow Fall will run at native 1920X1080p/60 FPS resolution, however this isn’t the case at all as discovered by our friend at Digital Foundry.

Killzone: Shadow FallBack in November 2013, Sony about Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer announced, “There’s the competitive multiplayer mode which, like the game’s campaign, runs at native 1080p and 60 fps.” However according to recent tear-down by Digital Foundry, Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer runs at 960X1080p resolution.

In numerical figure “960x1080p equals to 1,036,800 pixels” and “1920×1080 equals to 2,073,600 pixels”. This means Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer player resolution is half than single player resolution.

In the single-player mode, the game runs at full 1080p with an unlocked frame-rate (though a 30fps cap has been introduced as an option in a recent patch), but it’s a different story altogether with multiplayer. Here Guerrilla Games has opted for a 960×1080 framebuffer, in pursuit of a 60fps refresh. Across a range of clips, we see the game handing in a 50fps average on multiplayer. It makes a palpable difference, but it’s probably not the sort of boost you might expect from halving fill-ratesaid Digital Foundry.

So why in this world did Guerilla Games and Sony lie? As per my knowledge Frame-rate might be the only reason. For fluid and smooth online experience frame-rate close to 60 FPS is an important factor especially for shooters like Killzone: Shadow Fall, so maybe to achieve this Guerilla Games decided to sacrifice resolution in multiplayer to nearly half of its single-player campaign counterpart.

Now the question arises here, why nobody noticed this drop in resolution/fps before and made a fuss/hue-and-cry about Killzone: Shadow Fall’s graphics in multiplayer? Tell us in the comment section below about what you guys think.