Killzone: Shadow Fall patch 1.14 adds nasty glitch, resets unlock count for playercards, fix in development

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Earlier this week, Guerilla Games released patch 1.14 for Killzone: Shadow Fall to fix numerous issues and prepare the game for upcoming free DLC content. It worked as per plan of developer, but sadly for games that patch also brings new glitch with it and Guerilla Games has acknowledge it on game’s official forums.

Killzone: Shadow FallThe developer said: “The effect of the glitch can be seen on your career page and it will affect everyone that installed patch 1.14 on their PlayStation. The glitch resets the unlock count for the playercards, but does not reset the challenge count. In a nutshell this is only a menu glitch and it will not affect your progression. Its effect is only on the visual index of the playercard icons.”

“You can still earn playercards – the menu in its current state will update to show 1/XX when a new icon is unlocked. You can select playercards from both My Career and Personalization menus”

The developer has assured us to fix the issue soon and not harm will be made to player’s progress. Here is the snapshot of the glitch, how it would look like.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.14 Glitch Snapshot