Steven ter Heide Director Of Killzone Shadow Fall Quits Guerrilla Games


Steven ter Heide Director of Killzone Shadow Fall had quit Guerrilla Games studio, he announced his exit on Twitter. He also mentioned in his tweet that after 12 years of journey at the game studio he is all set to work on something new. He did not clear what could be that project.

 Killzone Director

Steven ter Heide had directed Killzone Shadow Fall that was released in year 2013 and gathered a decent appreciation from the gaming community. It was a successful title of the year sold over 2.1 million copies within few months of launch. The game also received People’s Choice Award for Best PS4 Shooter and Best PS4 Graphics. The exit hints there won’t be any future Killzone title. Below is the statement released by the Director on Twitter.

Guerrilla Games studio this year’s most successful title is Horizon Zero Dawn, later no new titles are coming up from the studio. Further it will be exciting to know on what new projects Steven ter Heide is going to work.