Kinect utilizes less than 1% of the Xbox 360 CPU – Ubisoft

Ubisoft Frederic Blais said that Kinect uses only 1% of the Xbox 360 CPU, or even something less. He also commented on the rumour that Kinect uses as much as one entire CPU to run, “That’s not true at all. I don’t really know how much I can talk about it but it’s less than 1% [of the CPU’s power], or something like that.”

He further goes on to claim that “we could apply Kinect to an action game and still put the same kind of action on screen”.

Blais also reveals a bit details about the Ubisoft Plan for Kinect, in this regard he said,

“I think that technology’s really cool when it’s faster than a controller, or you do something that you can’t do with a controller. These are the rules of Kinect design,” he said.

“Think about a hardcore game like Rainbow Six where you’re doing hand signs and stuff like that. It would be cool; it would be more immersive. We’ll have to see if hardcore gamers will be ready for that.”