Kojima: “People Seems To Think I’m A Perfectionist, They’re Not Wrong”, Next Production Is A Big AAA Game

Hideo Kojima is still touring around the world to learn about the best technology he can use to develop his upcoming game. This means he still has to decide what to use or, at least, he has some doubts in choosing the right one when it comes to game engine. Anyway, Kojima knows people expects a huge AAA game coming from him, and not just a small independent title that basically anyone else could build from the ground up.

Kojima Productions' Logo

“I want to make a big game with a small team,” he replied. “When I started Kojima Productions, I wanted to make a smaller game, but when I spoke to my friends around the world, they told me I couldn’t because people were expecting a big game, so that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t say when it will be out, but it’s not going to be a small game.”

You shouldn’t really wait for it anytime soon, since Kojima Productions’ work is still in the very early stages. Kojima himself is said to be a perfectionist and, now that he is an independent developer, free of deadlines and schedules, he’ll be even more comfortable with times.

“People seem to think I’m a perfectionist. They’re not wrong. It’s about making a game you’re happy with, but a game isn’t finished until people play it, so you have to give it to players. They’re more perfectionist than I am. It’s not just me missing the schedule or spending too much money. I’ve only missed a deadline twice.”

First new Kojima Productions game is releasing for PC and PS4.